About Dylan

Hello, my name is Dylan Cisney, I am an up and coming professional race car driver. I am from Port Royal, Pennsylvania and currently race 410 Winged Sprint Cars. Growing up, I could literally look out my bedroom window and see and hear the famed Port Royal Speedway running race events. I knew that is what I wanted to do and become a racing champion there. Since I was 16 I have accomplished many wins and 2 time Most Improved Driver at Port Royal.

When I have a goal and a vision I go out to accomplish it. What sets me apart from other racers is the fact that I am very hands on. I believe that to be truly successful in something that you must understand all aspects of it. I have a degree in High Performance Motorsports from the University of Northwestern Ohio. This allows me to be able to build all of my cars from the ground up and truly understand the dynamics of each part and how they work. The first sprint car race that I won, was with an engine that I successfully rebuilt by myself. I have a deep knowledge of automotive performance and that is something that I have added to my program is to help educate others.

One thing that I am passionate about is our youth coming up understanding automotive technology. We all know that our future is in our youth. I have been making appearances and speaking at schools about the automotive industry, how to learn about getting involved in motorsports and building interest around this education. If my time and knowledge makes a positive impact on just one student, I feel as if I am really making a difference in their lives and the future of motorsports.